Welcome to Children’s Ministry Kitchen

What’s the idea?

Across the world there’s lots of wisdom about children’s work and ministry.  There are pockets of expertise, years of experience and plenty of mistakes learnt from!  Let’s call these people Chefs!  The problem is, how can you access this wisdom, for you, for your church, for your children’s team and for your leadership team?  Chefs for your needs are hard to find, travel is expensive, availability tricky to match and finances can be challenging.

Children’s Ministry Kitchen aims to be a connector between you and Chefs.  It’s like a buffet where you choose what you want.  You can access Ready Meals (pre recorded videos, or downloads), Bespoke Meals (a one off Skype session with a Chef at a time of your choice) or Meal Plans ( a series of sessions).

How does it work?

Using video conferencing we connect practitioners and leaders to a Chef who can inspire, encourage, challenge and bring vision to you at home, in the office, at a team meeting in a lounge or on a big screen at the front of a meeting.  It would be bespoke, as the ‘Chef’ will have looked at your dietary requirements and tailored training and input just to you, just like kitchen preparations.  It would be interactive as you could ask questions, be specific for your needs and valuable as you grow in an area of children’s work.

So Chefs have written profiles of their strengths and given availability.  You can look through the Chefs on offer, choose one and book a time slot with them.  Once booked you can complete our Dietary Requirements so your Chef can cook something up just for you.  Then at the agreed time connect on a video conferencing app, such as Skype.


Meet The Chefs

Meet The Chefs

Each of our Chefs has strengths and expertise in different areas of Children’s and Family ministry.  Take a look through the menu of options, hopefully you’ll find the Chef or dining plan that’s just perfect for you.

Ready To Dine?

Please select the topic of your choice and Chef you would like to cook up ideas with.