Sam Smith

Sam Smith is co-founder of Love To Listen.  Sam trained and worked in child care, and for the last 15 years worked more in the church settings. This has been in family camps, holiday clubs and Sunday mornings, mainly with the little ones 0-7-year olds.
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Launch 2020

The Children’s Ministry Kitchen project has been on the back-burner for a while.  However, as a ministry Powerpack has received lots and lots of enquiries about training and consultancy.  We keep having to say we have no dates available or offering dates in the next calendar year, so we decided to look at this project again.

We aim to launch ‘Children’s Ministry Kitchen’ at our Annual Conference in the UK – the plan being that people can take part in ‘live’ versions at the conference and catch up with ‘Chefs’ throughout the year using the website.

The next part of the project is to look at ‘Ready Meals’ – there seems to be plenty available already for Parenting:

At Home With God

Parenting For Faith

But how can we source/record quality support for training of children’s and youth leaders?  That’s February’s job!

Launching CMK

It’s November 2018 and my inbox has a fair handful of requests for training or consultancy questions.  It’s great seeing posts from New Wine Children’s Leaders Conferences and National Youth Work Events -they are so encouraging to see so many people network, train and be spurred on.

A good friend, Laura Griffis, previously a Children’s Pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, California is posting images of children’s work at Awakening Australia and I’m inspired to learn from her and ask questions.

I have been booked to speak at Deep Impact Conference in Scotland in January.  This will be fantastic and as I look at other speakers I spotted Ali Campbell, who I follow on Facebook and really enjoy his posts and insights.  I looked at Ali’s website ‘The Resource‘ which amongst other things has an opportunity for support, advice and consultancy in a similar style to the Children’s Ministry Kitchen.

All these links and opportunities made me decide to crack on with CMK and try to get it pilot launched in January 2019.