Launching CMK

It’s November 2018 and my inbox has a fair handful of requests for training or consultancy questions.  It’s great seeing posts from New Wine Children’s Leaders Conferences and National Youth Work Events -they are so encouraging to see so many people network, train and be spurred on.

A good friend, Laura Griffis, previously a Children’s Pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, California is posting images of children’s work at Awakening Australia and I’m inspired to learn from her and ask questions.

I have been booked to speak at Deep Impact Conference in Scotland in January.  This will be fantastic and as I look at other speakers I spotted Ali Campbell, who I follow on Facebook and really enjoy his posts and insights.  I looked at Ali’s website ‘The Resource‘ which amongst other things has an opportunity for support, advice and consultancy in a similar style to the Children’s Ministry Kitchen.

All these links and opportunities made me decide to crack on with CMK and try to get it pilot launched in January 2019.