Chef Sign-Up

The tagline is cooking up bespoke training and consultancy for your children and family ministry needs.  The concept is simple, it connects practitioners and trainers to people who want that expertise shared with them.  It may look like a one-hour webinar, or a phone call or a series of team meetings.  We don’t know because it allows for flexibility.  The booking system and downloadable resources alongside links to Chef’s products allows people to search for what they are looking for for their specific situation and experience.

Chefs in kitchens cook up ingredients and deliver great meals.  As Children’s Ministry trainers/practitioners we do this for children and families we work with, for individuals we mentor, for groups we train and conferences we speak at.

A Chef on here, offers time slots to share their expertise, usually over video conference (e.g. Skype or Zoom), and receives payment (95% of the amount charged) for the hour session, which obviously includes some preparatory work.

So a children’s leader would book you for a time slot you have nominated as free and both of you would log in to, say Skype, and talk or present to them or a group; this allows for questions and tailoring input to the situation.  All video-conferencing apps allow you to show (and toggle) PowerPoints/KeyNotes as you speak.