Our Menus

I love this part in a restaurant when you sit down and look at the menu and decide what you would like to order.  The difference here is not only can you choose what to order you also get to choose the Chef!

The Menu

Please select the topic of your choice and Chef you would like to cook up ideas with.


Ready Meals

We’re all busy!  We want the healthiest diet we can for children and families we work with.  So our Chefs have carefully created meals that are ‘ready to eat.’  These vary from online training, downloadable curriculums and resources. Take a look in our ready meals section.  Just like modern eating apps these links take you to the Chef’s own restaurants for you to purchase what you’re looking for.

Meal Plans

Looking for something more on-going?  We have a set of Chefs who would love to work alongside you, helping select the best produce, to see your ministry grow.  If you’d like this please contact us with the Chef you would love to create with and we’ll put you in touch.  All payments and agreements can be made between you and your selected Chef.